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Software Solutions

Are you looking for a bespoke software development company to give your business an advantage and help it grow?
A2 Technology creates bespoke software solutions that combine our unique modular approach with the use of scrum technology. Our expertise means we are able to provide you with a document designed to demonstrate how we can streamline your processes and make them more efficient and profitable. The priority initially is to discover the pain points within the business as these can cause frustration and can be time-consuming and once identified we look to eradicate those issues as soon as possible.
We then provide a blueprint on how to make your processes more efficient throughout your business ensuring we stick to the golden rule of only entering data once. We use the latest protocols to ensure you have peace of mind knowing your data is protected at all times.
Our goal is always to add value to those we work with and therefore whether you are looking for a system makeover or a complete rebuild contact us today to see just what the art of the possible is for you and your business.

A2 Technology dedicated
Team members

The A2 Technology team has many decades of IT experience between them and is comfortable having clients that expect projects to be delivered on time and in budget. Our energetic and enthusiastic approach ensures we try always to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are delighted with our services.


From an early age Tim has always had an entrepreneurial view of life starting his own egg round at aged 12 and immediately learned the reality of business when he accidentally knocked over 27 dozen eggs and with the broken eggs down went the monthly profits. Since that early experience, Tim has had 30 years in business specializing in sales and is co-founder of A2 Technology. Fortunately, Tim`s egg-breaking days are behind him.


Since getting his first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, back in 1982, co-founder Dan knew that he wanted to spend his life building software solutions for businesses. A 16 year corporate career in finance provided an education and exposure to many types of businesses and in 2004, Dan left the corporate world to start his own software company and fulfil his childhood ambition.


Lianne has an analytical background within corporate finance, as well as an appreciation of the challenges of running her own business for 12 years. Most of the time however, she credits her organisation skills and calm exterior under pressure to running a household with four children in it!


Having left school at 18, Emily made the conscious decision to spend three years freelancing in various industries. This freedom meant that she has worked on a number of exciting and high profile projects for companies and start-ups which provided her with unparalleled experience and guided her into her marketing career today.