CRM Systems

At A2 Technology we don`t subscribe to the theory that one size fits all as in our experience there will always be a compromise or disappointment. With our method of building modular bespoke software solutions, you tell us what you see as the perfect system and if it is technically possible we will build it all with no compromise allowing you to have the system you have always dreamed of.

Benefits of
Bespoke CRM Systems

Tailor Your Customer Experience
Bespoke CRM systems allow you to tailor customer experiences based on insights, and determine the ROI from marketing activities that can be recorded.
Data Analysis
Utilise powerful insights into potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with easy reporting functions.
Customer Data Storage
Ensure your key customer data is available in a more convenient and productive way that’s devoted to the specific needs of your business.
Social Media
Social media platforms are a great way to market your company and ideas and share your customer and product reviews in a simple and effective way.A2 systems all allow for direct integration with the wide variety of social media platforms now available.
System Integration
Whether you are looking at Integrating an accounting package, sales system, or any other business-critical systems your new A2 bespoke CRM system will give you everything you need and all in one place.
Real-Time Stats
Management information is critical to the successful running of a business and A2 Systems all have built-in MI which you create for real-time reporting and so whether it is for sales, stock inventory, or profit and loss it is all easily accessible at a touch of a button.

Bespoke CRM Solutions

Just like off-the-shelf suits, it’s more often than not the case that off-the-shelf software is never quite right for your particular business needs. A bespoke CRM system ensures you have a CRM that’s aligned with your business, your customers and your business requirements. We can create a web-based, highly available, backed up and user-friendly CRM solution for your team.