A2 use the latest bespoke database technology to allow you to drive efficiency and be on point to spot new customer trends.

Benefits of
Bespoke Databases

Customer Interface
Our custom-built customer interfaces are built with your customer in mind. Designed to be intuitive to use your customers will find them simple to understand and a delight to use and they remain one of the go-to features that ensure great customer relations.
Data Integration
When a makeover of your systems is preferred to a complete ground-up rebuild our experts are very experienced in data and system integration and therefore whether you are looking to integrate with Zoho, Keap, or any other leading software provider then A2 can talk to you about the best way this can be achieved.
Data Storage
When you log in to your custom-built A2 system we design it to be your cockpit. All data is easily accessible from one dashboard and all at a touch of a button.

Benefits of
Bespoke CRM Systems

Tailored Your Customer Experience
Bespoke CRM systems allow you to tailor customer experiences based on insights, and determine the ROI from marketing activities that can be recorded.
Data Analysis
Utilise powerful insights into potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with easy reporting functions.
Customer Data Storage
Store your key customer data is available in a more convenient and productive way.
Social Media
Create direct integration with your social media platforms from your CRM system to share reviews & new products.
Multi-System Intergration
Integrate other business-critical systems into your new bespoke CRM system so everything is in one place.
Real-Time Stats
Create a real-time sales pipeline tracking report.

Bespoke Database

Just like off-the-shelf suits, it’s more often than not the case that off-the-shelf software is never quite right for your particular business needs. A bespoke databases ensures you have a system that’s aligned with your business, your customers and your business requirements. We can create a web-based, highly available, backed up and user-friendly solution for your team.